Interesting Programs for High School Age & Up

Interesting Programs for High School Age & Up

Science for Everyone

Science for Everyone is a lecture series to engage, educate and increase public awareness regarding a wide variety of science, history and environment related topics. The programs are for the curious of high school age and older. The presenters give lectures that will both educate and entertain. Beginning January 2017: Science for Everyone will be held the 3rd Tuesday of every month with Riveredge hosting the odd months and Lac Lawrann hosting the even months.

This program is a partnership between Lac Lawrann Conservancy, Riveredge Nature Center and the UWM Field Station.

Fee: FREE ($5 donation suggested) No registration required.


Hand-out from the June 20, 2017 presentation on natural landscaping


April 17, 2018 – 7:00 PM

The Dirt on Soil: Building Soil One Compost Pile at a Time

Angela Curtes, Owner- Grounded LLC
Abstract: The International Year of Soils was declared by the United Nations in 2015, and December 5th has been ushered in as World Soils Day. Why all the attention to the ground beneath our feet?

Join us for a compelling evening exploring the dynamic world of soil and the reasons why it is so important to care for it, support local- sustainable food efforts, and re-create it, with nature, by implementing home and farm compost systems. Come ready to learn Compost 101 for a promising gardening season and to safeguard one of our most threatened natural resources!
Host: Lac Lawrann Conservancy


May 15, 2018 – 7:00 PM

Frog Communication

Dr. Roberto Brenes
Abstract: Dr. Roberto Brenes will discuss the relationship between the presence of the invasive common buckthorn and the decline of amphibian populations in SE Wisconsin. The common buckthorn is widely distributed in southeastern Wisconsin. Its known for producing a secondary metabolite called emodin that produced deformation and mortality on early developing larvae of some amphibian species. Their research at Carroll University in Waukesha, shows that the effect of the emodin depends on the species and developmental stage of the exposed amphibians. Hence, areas where buckthorn is abundant will see declines in certain species population and the increase or permanence of other species, affecting the ecosystem balance.
Host: Riveredge Nature Center


Future Dates

June 19, 2018 – Lac Lawrann
July 17, 2018 – Riveredge
August 21, 2018 – Lac Lawrann
September 18, 2018 – Riveredge
October 16, 2018 – Lac Lawrann
November 20, 2018 – Riveredge
December 18, 2018 – Lac Lawrann

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