Lac Lawrann Conservancy is a 145 acres nature preserve and is contiguous with Royal Oaks park adding another 25 acres. It is a vast expanse of water, sky, wetlands, native hardwood forest, red pine plantation, tall grass prairie, and glacial landscapes. The Conservancy serves as refuge to over 300 species of plants, over 200 species of birds, and a wide variety of mammals as well as reptiles and amphibians.

The Conservancy also serves as an outdoor classroom for over 5,000 visitors each year, including over 1,200 school children. Visitors participate in self-guided hiking and skiing, guided tours, special events, school field trips, and a variety of public programs for families and individuals of all ages.

The natural diversity at the Lac Lawrann is fantastic ~forever changing with the seasons. The Conservancy is a special place for exploration, discovery, wonder, and tranquility.

Visit the Conservancy often, walk softly, and whisper~ you might just find a hidden treasure, or a four-legged friend staring back at you. Enjoy Nature at Your Doorstep!

Our Trails

Lac Lawrann Conservancy has 4 miles of trails that lead hikers through deciduous woodlands to kettles, kames, an esker, as well as to ponds, wetlands, prairie, and a red pine plantation. Neighboring Royal Oaks Park adds another 1.5 miles of trails. Hiking trails include the Lake Loop, Railroad Spur, Esker, Northern Wetland, Pine Plantation, and Prairie Trails.

Although bicycles are not allowed on trails in the conservancy, their use is encouraged on the paved Eisenbahn Trail. A paved spur connects Lac Lawrann to the Eisenbahn Trail. The Eisenbahn Trail goes south through downtown West Bend to Rusco Road and all the way north to Eden in Fond du Lac County.

3 Miles
of Ski Trails

Lac Lawrann has about 3 miles of cross country classical style ski trails. For current trail conditions, visit: Cross Country Ski Trail Conditions.

Lac Lawrann’s trails also offer a wonderful winter escape on snowshoes. The Northern Wetland and Esker trails are particularly beautiful by snowshoe. Please respect the ski trails and our volunteer trail groomers by staying to the side or on separate trails.



Lac Lawrann Conservancy boasts three unique buildings. The Maurin Center, a 3200 sq. ft. facility, serves as an educational center and venue for community events. The renovated 1860s Barn is a charming three-season gathering space for conservancy activities and is available for rental. The Volunteer Center is a renovated farmhouse used by the Friends of Lac Lawrann Conservancy’s dedicated volunteers as an onsite work space.


Lac Lawrann Conservancy offers beautiful rental spaces for weddings, private parties, seminars, and business gatherings. The Maurin Center and Barn are available to rent and offer stunning natural views, outdoor options, and all the amenities needed to make your event a success. Conveniently located just 35 minutes north of NW Milwaukee, close to Mequon, Cedarburg, and Grafton.

Solar Panels

Lac Lawrann Conservancy is a proud supporter of sustainable energy practices and uses photovoltaic (PV) solar panels to generate electricity for the Maurin Center. This 19.6 kW solar panel system generates approximately 100 kWh of electricity on a sunny summer day, which is enough to power four Wisconsin residences. Any excess electricity generated is fed back into the WE Energies electrical grid, and donors who have contributed to help pay for the PV system are recognized on small recognition plaques near the entrance to the Maurin Center.

Pine Plantation

The Pine Plantation at Lac Lawrann Conservancy is undergoing a transformation from a harvested forest to a restored oak savannah, with the goal of enhancing the biodiversity and ecological health of the area. This exciting project is a testament to our commitment to conservation and preservation of the natural environment.