Ready, Set, Go – Lac Lawrann Wildflower and Perennial Sale!

Spring is a couple weeks late in Wisconsin and that created a challenge for the plant sale.  Plants are not as far along in their growth as we usually expect.  Bad weather even meant a week with no potting.  Yet volunteers have several thousand plants ready for the sale on Saturday.  View the  plant list for the 31 annual sale.  

Concerned about butterflies and bees?  One of the best things a gardener can do is add native plants to their landscaping.  Monarchs depend on milkweed for their life cycle; find three kinds of milkweed on the tables in front of the tent.  Common milkweed, Marsh (red) milkweed and the bright orange Butterfly weed.  Visit the Wild Ones display in front of the barn to learn how native plants support butterflies and pollinators.  Take home some free milkweed seeds!

A shady area can be the beginning of a woodland garden.  We have five kinds of Trillium in the tent.  Trilliums are spring wildflowers that grow in the woods.  Make sure to check out the Red Trillium as well as the Nodding Trillium.

Concern about the Asian Jumping Worms has had an impact on plant sales in Wisconsin.  Since this invasive worm has been reported in Washington County, plant sale volunteers have taken precautions to avoid spreading this alien.  You will not find our usual selection of donated plants.  We have also modified our soil mix for potting.  Stop at the table in front of the barn to talk to Angie Curtes about the hot process compost she has provided as the base of our potting mix.

We have tree and fern leaf peonies, lots of herbs, a lovely selection of clematis and more new varieties of perennials.  A $35 membership with Lac Lawrann allows early access to the sale.  There is still time to become a member! 

Wildflower and Perennial Sale

Saturday, May 12, 9 am to 1 pm

Presale for members

Friday, May 11, 3 – 6 pm