As summer draws to a close I wanted to reach and tell you a little bit about summer camp.  This year Lac Lawrann ran five, four day long camps.  Junior Naturalist camp is geared toward younger children and teaches them all about the forest, the pond, the prairie, and more importantly, themselves.  Kids that walked into camp on the first day with eyes downcast and unsure, ran in on day 2.  Words like “tired” and “bored” are not heard, and “eww” and “gross” are not permitted.  Children learn more from each other and their experiences than from anything that I can say, and that is the ultimate goal.  Adventure Camp, is an entirely different situation.  These are the older kids who are more thoughtful, engaged, and truly have a passion for the outside.  They tend to register for the class with friends, but by day four the comradery is real.  We bike, swim, kayak, net, swim, laugh, shoot arrows, eat ice cream, and so much more.  There is an innocence to youth that being outside exposes, and that is the point.  “Go to the Woods for there is Rest”

— Meghann