My absolute favorite thing that Lac Lawrann does is Nature in the Classroom.  If you have not heard of it before, you must not have kids in the 108 classrooms that are visited each month, October through April.  This all volunteer program was the brain child of volunteer, Sherri Ullius, many years ago.  Children in Kindergarten through 3rd grade classrooms are read a story, and then do an activity related to the story.  They check their wingspans, dissect owl pellets, make a miniature landfills, feel pelts and many other things too numerous to mention. The kids love their time with “Lac Lawrann Ladies” and really look forward to it. 

Even better, in May all of the classrooms that are signed up for Nature in the Classroom are invited to the Conservancy for field trips.  These are anywhere from an hour to two hours and the kids get to use what they learned throughout the school year.  They get excited for the everyday things like geese, and deer, because they are seeing these things with new eyes, and they are just so excited to be outside. 

If your child does not receive Nature in the Classroom and you are interested please contact the Conservation Supervisor at 262-335-5085.  Additionally, we always need volunteers to help out at all the schools and for field trips.