By now most of you have heard that our 33rd annual Wild Flower Sale has been cancelled for this year because of the Covid-19 virus outbreak. While many will be disappointed, given the guidelines from our Governor and the progression of the outbreak, the decision was out of our hands. However, the suppliers of the plants, from both vendors and volunteers, have been most understanding, so the financial impact to the conservancy will be minimal. Everyone is hoping the Flower Sale will return next year.

In my last notes talked about the pine plantation and all the work being done on it. Well that has been completed and as of today the area that was cleared has been treated to prevent the re-sprouting of the invasive brush. The next stage will be the harvesting of the pines and that will take place late this summer and/or next winter, weather depending.

While things currently are upside down for all of us, the natural world does go on. Last Thursday evening I caught the first notes of a small group of chorus frogs on a chilly evening. The robins and sandhill cranes have been around for a couple weeks now. The daffodils at the edge of my woods are almost in bloom though mine are probably a bit behind those in gardens in the city.

As spring slowly progresses we would all do well to remember that on our planet, ultimately, Mother Nature has always been in charge. From weather to climate and pandemics, the forces of nature will rule the day. And try as we might, those forces are in charge. The best we can do is deal with the situation at hand, but only if we have the right information. We must learn how to respond to the situation and do really good science to inform our decisions going forward. Our responsibility is to listen to and learn from the scientists and not do things that make the situation worse for all of us.

As a reminder, the trails at Lac Lawrann are open, as are all the parks. Just remember to keep a safe social distance and we’ll wave when we see you on the trails.
Stay safe,

Paul De Chant
President Friends of Lac Lawrann