In School Projects – with Lac Lawrann Volunteers

In School Projects – with Lac Lawrann Volunteers

Nature in the Classroom

Nature in the Classroom is a science and literary program that is geared towards students from Kindergarten through 3rd grade.  Each month a volunteer comes into the classroom, introduces a topic, reads a story and engages the students in discussion and activities to explore the science behind it. Nature in the Classroom provides hands-on experiences for students, provides supplementary resources that teachers may not otherwise be able to provide in their classrooms, encourages respect for nature, and promotes Lac Lawrann Conservancy.


Each year, the program begins with the following story to introduce Lac Lawrann to the students.

Shyber’s Story: An Introduction to Lac Lawrann Conservancy


Do you have a gift for working with young children? We are looking for volunteers for Nature in the Classroom. For more information, contact our volunteer coordinator. To apply, fill out the forms below:

Volunteer Application

Volunteer Preferences for Nature in the Classroom

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