Exploring Nature – School Programs

Exploring Nature – School Programs

School Programs

It’s a Sense-able World

(Senses and Trees)
Pre-K to Kindergarten
1.5 hours

Explore nature using your senses. In this program, Lac Lawrann Teacher Naturalists lead students through the different habitats of the Conservancy on an explorative tour. While walking, we use our senses to fully experience nature through touch, smell, sight and sound. Teacher Naturalists discuss tree parts (roots, trunk, branches, leaves), the differences between habitats and the types of animals in each. $2 per child ($45 group minimum)

Nature’s Neighborhoods

(Plants and Insects)
1st -2nd Grade
2 hours

Lac Lawrann Teacher Naturalists lead students through the Conservancy to see various neighborhoods where plants and animals interact (most often insects). In each habitat, students will be discovering the different plant and animal communities, identifying changes, and be able to describe food chains in each. We will be searching for insects and other animals in each habitat and identify their basic needs. $2 per child ($45 group minimum)


2nd Grade
2 hours

Discover the secrets behind insects. Lac Lawrann Teacher Naturalists lead students through different habitats of the Conservancy, searching for insects in each. Students will be focusing on the components of an insect from their life cycles, to their eyes, and even their mouth parts. Students will be catching, identifying, and describing key parts of insects in each habitat. $2 per child ($45 group minimum)

Pond Ecology

(Ponds and Ecosystems)
3rd -5th Grade
Recommend 2 hours

Teacher Naturalists lead students on an adventure to discover the interrelationships of pond life, how they are part of an energy cycle, and impacts people can have on them both positive and negative. Students use dichotomous keys to identify species and do some light research to understand their role in the pond. $2 per child ($45 group minimum)

Biodiversity: Service Learning

(Invasive Species)
3rd grade – High School
Recommend 2 or more hours

A Naturalist meets with the group to discuss habitats found in the area and the importance of biodiversity. During a short walk the students discover the variety of life that can live in a small natural area. They will also discover what happens when an invasive species (i.e. garlic mustard, buckthorn) is introduced to the area. Human Impact is introduced as both negative and positive ways to help wildlife. Students then begin restoring the area.

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Looking for something different?

We are able to customize a program for your specific educational needs. If you have a specific topic or concept in mind talk it over with the naturalist at 262-335-5085 to determine what and how those needs can be met.

How do I reserve my class?

To schedule your class for a field trip opportunity please contact us at 262-335-5085 or info@laclawrann.org 3-12 months in advance. Please have possible dates in mind when you contact us. You may also request a field trip or school program by submitting the Program Reservation Form. Click here for an online Field Trip Reservation Form.

How many students can I bring?

To enhance your students’ experience and preserve the Conservancy land, we limit the number of students to 60; with one adult to every 10 children.

State Standards

All school programs are State Science and Environmental Education Standard “friendly.” If you would like a copy of the standards that are met for a specific program, please contact Lac Lawrann Conservancy.

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