Seasonal Information

Welcome to Lac Lawrann Conservancy, where the wonder of nature is on display in every season. As the snow falls and winter sets in, our conservation area transforms into a winter wonderland, with unique opportunities for birdwatching, snowshoeing, and seasonal activities. Discover the beauty of the great outdoors with our free snowshoe rentals and winter programs, and don’t let the cold weather keep you from experiencing the magic of nature.

LacLawrann is for All Seasons

But winter is on its way. The beavers have been busy, the geese are leaving, and the reds and golds of early autumn have given way to the browns and grays of November. Late fall and winter present their own opportunities for those of us living in the northern tier of the United States. Set up bird feeders now! Use cracked black oil sunflower seeds to attract Cardinals and Woodpeckers. Dig out your snow boots and go for a hike. If the snow gets too deep, you can strap some snowshoes onto those boots.

Did you know Lac Lawrann has snowshoes in a variety of sizes that you can borrow for FREE!! The winter calender has several snowshoeing event dates. If you have a group of people that would like to go outside of those dates send an e-mail to and we can accommodate those requests.

Winter programs at Lac Lawrann include Animal Tracking, Owl Prowl, snowshoe fun and games, winter wonders walk and Little Hikers Storytime. Visit the City of West Bend on-line reservation page and search for classes with the class type of ‘Nature Activities.’

Don’t let winter keep you out of nature. There is always something new to see and learn.