Welcome to Lac Lawrann Conservancy, where adventure awaits on our scenic hiking trails. With over 4 miles of trails, our conservation area offers an immersive experience through deciduous woodlands, kettles, wetlands, prairies, and a red pine plantation. During winter, enjoy the beauty of nature with our groomed cross-country ski trails and snowshoeing adventures. Explore our trail map and plan your next outdoor excursion today.

LacLawrann Trails

Hiking Trails

Lac Lawrann Conservancy has 4 miles of trails that lead hikers through deciduous woodlands to kettles, kames, an esker, as well as to ponds, wetlands, prairie, and a red pine plantation. Neighboring Royal Oaks Park adds another 1.5 miles of trails. Hiking trails include the Lake Loop, Railroad Spur, Esker, Northern Wetland, Pine Plantation, and Prairie Trails.

During winter, the conservancy offers 2.8 miles of groomed classical cross-country skiing on the Royal Oaks Trail Loop, Pine Plantation, and Prairie Trails. Snowshoeing is encouraged on the Northern Wetland, Esker, and Railroad Spur Trails.

Although bicycles are not allowed on trails in the conservancy, their use is encouraged on the paved Eisenbahn Trail. A paved spur connects Lac Lawrann to the Eisenbahn Trail. The Eisenbahn Trail goes south through downtown West Bend to Rusco Road and all the way north to Eden in Fond du Lac County.

Please note that Lac Lawrann Conservancy has a No Pets policy on its trails, due to the narrow nature of many paths and the disturbance that pets can cause to wildlife. We kindly ask visitors to respect this policy and leave their pets at home. For more information, please refer to the parks policy. Thank you for helping us protect the natural habitat and ensure an enjoyable experience for all visitors.

Cross-Country Skiing and Snow Shoeing

Lac Lawrann has about 3 miles of cross country classical style ski trails. For current trail conditions, visit: Cross Country Ski Trail Conditions.

Lac Lawrann’s trails also offer a wonderful winter escape on snowshoes. The Northern Wetland and Esker trails are particularly beautiful by snowshoe. Please respect the ski trails and our volunteer trail groomers by staying to the side or on separate trails.

Hiking Trails

The Pine Plantation at Lac Lawrann Conservancy has been a significant area of interest for our conservation efforts. Once a harvested forest, we have taken on the challenge of transforming it into a restored oak savannah to enhance biodiversity and promote ecological health. Our team of dedicated volunteers and staff have been hard at work, removing non-native species and replanting native oak trees and grasses to restore the area to its natural state.

Through this restoration project, we aim to create a sustainable ecosystem that benefits the environment and provides a beautiful space for visitors to enjoy. We are excited to continue our conservation efforts at Lac Lawrann Conservancy and invite you to witness the transformation of the Pine Plantation into a thriving oak savannah.