At Lac Lawrann Conservancy, where the great outdoors meets an abundance of diverse wildlife. With over 200 species of birds and a variety of small mammals, our conservation area offers a truly immersive experience for nature lovers. Read on to discover the value of birds, and explore the popular locations for bird watching and mammal spotting around West Bend.

Wildlife at LacLawrann


Over the years, well over 200 species of birds have frequented LLC.  They range from pond/wetland species (like ducks, geese, heron, and grebe) to upland birds (like bluebird, flycatchers, woodpeckers, and warblers).  Raptors (hawks, owls, and osprey) also are often sighted.

Birds Are Valuable

The value of birds can be looked at from a variety of perspectives.  From a conservation standpoint, birds play a critical role in our ecosystems.  Birds spread seeds, provide food for other animals, and provide effective population control (think hawks and owls).  Birds are often biological indicators and are often one of our first signs to determine if our community is healthy.  From Bald Eagles showing the effects of DDT or Yellow Canaries reacting to mine conditions, birds provide us with a gage on our ecosystem health.  Birds are economically and recreationally valuable.  Bird watching alone generates millions of dollars in revenue each year, whether buying binoculars or dinner after a long day birding.  And of course, birds are beautiful and inspirational providing mental and spiritual value.  So start birding in West Bend!

Places to Bird Around West Bend

Birds can be seen all throughout the City.  Our many acres of parks and trails are a great place to start.  Below are a list of the most popular locations, but don’t stop there.  Visit all our parks and natural areas!

•  Lac Lawrann Conservancy
•  Glacial Blue Hills
•  Regner Park
•  Riverside Park
•  Quaas Creek Park
•  Eisenbahn State Trail
•  Downtown River Walk

For a map of our parks click here.


Small mammals abound in the forest and prairie.  Deer, squirrel, beaver, mink, and muskrat can be seen while hiking the trails at LLC.  Our state mascot, the badger, has burrows in one of the hillsides overlooking the lake.