On this week as we are all getting ready for the busy holidays just a few things to mention for friends of Lac Lawrann.  We are coming to the end of our annual end of the year appeal and we are getting so close to meeting our $15,000 donations match. For those who have helped us get this close, thank you, and if you haven’t contributed yet, please consider donating so we can meet that generous match. 

As for upcoming events remember to watch our Facebook page and website for Snowshoe Fridays and Saturdays.  Then on January 21, 2023 we have our annual Winter Luminary Walk.  We can still use a few volunteers to help out, so bring the family, volunteer and have a good time outside at LLC.

Finally, a little something different for those who like a bit of a puzzle.  Decipher the scientific names of the critters presented here to have a slightly better sounding bit of prose. (No prizes, just personal satisfaction and the answers to appear in another president’s notes)

‘Twas night at the Conservancy and almost all were asleep, a few creatures stirred, out in our woods so deep.

Leaves of quercus, acer and beech, cover the ground in great heaps and under this cover lie pseudacris, bufo and versicolor, all but frozen ‘till spring.

 Where the pines once grew, brush-piles, hollow logs and windfalls shelter mephitis,  procyon and maybe a sylvilagus.

Silently, O. virginianus stride through the prairie towards browse, while in the woods, B. virginianus drops stealthily on a microtus.

The cedars ‘round the Lac offer night’s perch to poecile, junco and cardinalis, while south should have flown all the tardus migratorius.

While scant food for dryobates and leuconotopicus is found here, they do find shelter with others that are near.

Now just as this night is ending, a new moon breaks the horizon, followed soon by sunrise and with the daylight natures activity abounding.

The conservancy awakes, maybe with snow falling and hopes that you and your family will come calling.

Wishing you and all your families, a happy, safe and healthy holidays and hope to see you on the trails.
Paul De Chant